Ayush Sobti

  • BS (Hons.), Computer Science
  • Concentrations in Operating Systems and Human Computer Interaction
  • Minor in Psychology
  • College of Engg., Drexel University '13



Mobile Number

  • +1 215-490-8160

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Work Experience

Box, Inc.May 2013 - Present

Software Engineer

Software Engineer in the Services team

Autodesk, Inc.Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

Software Development Co-op

As part of the DesignScript language development team, I worked closely at all layers of the language stack which included the parser, compiler and Virtual Machine.

  • Core responsibility included working with Parsers. Wrote a large part of the parser used by the compiler as well as a parser for the IDE development team and several documentation parsers.
  • Implemented various language constructs from parse-level through to the virtual machine.
  • Worked closely with the Test Development team to fix outstanding defects.
  • Led various knowledge sharing sessions to introduce incoming team members to the language stack architecture.

Susquehanna Intl GroupSep 2010 - Mar 2011

Software Development Co-op

As a SWD Co-op in the Energy and Commodities team, I worked closely supporting traders and software developers.

  • Developed various applications (Winforms, Console, Windows services) from scratch as well as extended and refactored existing applications.
  • Incorporated multi-threading, event handling, XML (de)serializing, Logging and database back-ends.
  • Briefly worked with VBA scripts and ASP.NET

Student Ambassador Program, Drexel UniversitySep 2010 - Aug 2010

Executive Student Ambassador, Training Team

As an Executive Student Ambassador at Drexel Univeresity, I was responsible for training rookie Ambassadors as well as managing events

Susquehanna Intl GroupSep 2009 - Mar 2010

Software Development Co-op

As a software development co-op in Enterprise Development, my responsibilities included:

  • Programming, enhancing and debugging web applications (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server).
  • Monitoring the status and health of SIG network devices through the world using Spectrum and eHealth.

Computer Science Dept., Drexel UniversityJun 2009 - Sep 2010

Research Assistant

Working with other students and faculty from Drexel University and Swarthmore College, I was responsible for adding interactive content to the Math Images wiki website (mathforum.com/mathimages) . Worked with Wiki, Flash and Actionscript 2.0.

Residential Living Office, Drexel University2009 - 2010

Student Chair

As a Student Chair in the University Housing and Dining Services Appellate Board, I was tasked with mediating disputes between University students and the Residential Living office.

Other Projects

Enginuity Automotive Diagnostics2011 to Present

Co-Founder, Lead Software Developer

Enginuity Automotive Diagnostics is a technology startup company born out of Drexel University's Incubator competition. Our vision is to reduce people's uncertainty about their car's health and performance by providing diagnostics information usually only available to professional drivers with a team of engineers.

As the Chief Information Officer, I am responsible for leading all software development efforts including web development, server side scripts, database and backend architectures, mobile application development and corresponding APIs.

Involvio, LLC2012

Web Developer

  • Developed a kiosk-style web application used by Hyundai Motor Group at various car shows and events across the country.
  • Technologies used: Nginx, PHP, CodeIgniter, MongoDB, Jquery
  • The application is used by 800-1000 unique users per event.

For A Buck, LLC2012

Web Developer

As the lead web developer, I am responsible for all technology related tasks including web development, database administration, administering the code repositories and deployments to staging and production servers.

The site integrates with Amazon S3 cloud storage via the Amazon AWS APIs. Online payments are processed using Stripe Payment's API. Nightly cron jobs backup the database to Amazon S3 as well.

Philly Game Jam 2011, 2012


As a programmer with the Drexel Game Development Team in 2011 and 2012, designed and developed a game from scratch in 48 hours on a given theme. Final product received 'Best Use of Theme' award in 2011.

Technology used was Unity 3D game engine with scripting in C# and Javascript.

Misc Programming Endeavors

A Better TMS : A REST API of Drexel University's course catalog. Built on a scraping model, the application scrapes and parses over 10,000 pages to build the data set which is then exposed as an API for third-party developers. Drexel U. has expressed interest in collaborating on this project and moving away from a scraping model which will be done as an Independent Study in the winter term.

LOC Counter : A multi-threaded WPF application to count the total number of lines of code in a project scattered across files in a directory. Maintains a whitelist of file extensions to consider and provides a pie chart of results.

Comet Web Chat Application : A barebones implementation of Comet (XHR Long Polling) in a web-based chat system including a technical write-up of the technology.

StackOverflow : An avid user and contributor at StackOverflow.com profile for xbonez at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Languages, Frameworks and Technologies

C# Java Android PHP Python MySQL MongoDB Javascript XHTML HTML 4.01, 5 CSS Bash

Jquery Jquery Mobile CodeIgniter Recess NLog

Amazon S3 FB Graph API SVN GIT JSON XML Coco/R Unity 3D

Areas of Interest

Language Development Compilers and VMs Cryptography & Web Security .NET Development Android Development Web Development SaaS and APIs

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